Starseed 3D

Vision In The Depth Of Night


Now Find Love

The warrior has vanquished all his foes. Now he must face the fiercest enemy any of us shall ever encounter…our own ego. In doing so, he will find Love within himself. Here he stands, ready to enter the portal to Earth, where he will incarnate as a Human to explore vulnerability and betrayal. His ego will be beaten down, one brutal experience at a time, until he realizes that infinite power lies within his own heart.

Heart Tunnel

We become aware by traveling through the heart. Coming out of darkness into the light can be painful until we become accustomed to our newly-realized surroundings. What we now see has always been there, we just didn’t have the consciousness to see it. As we expand, we become aware of the Truth within each of our hearts.

This Evolved Being fills its surroundings with Love. Darkness cannot exist in its presence, for the intense frequency of Love disintegrates all forms of darkness. When you feel alone, afraid, sad, defeated, and when you feel the seductive pull of darkness, do not succumb to base temptation. In moments of weakness and vulnerability, focus on your sensation of Love. Picture someone you Love and focus on how you feel when you think of them. Then embrace your Power, stand tall and confident and move forward, for nothing can effect the Love which you truly are.