Starseed 3D

Vision In The Depth Of Night


If you’re a Human on Earth right now, it is important that you emit Love. Surround the Earth with your unique Love and evil won’t stand a chance.

Like all things, Earth naturally draws in Love from the Universe. Humans on Earth can help by naturally doing the same thing. Through resonance, we transform, expand and empower Universal Love flowing through Earth. Darkness doesn’t stand a chance.

The Merkaba integrates the physical body (ego) and the soul (spirit) into Unified Light. The Torus is the fundamental form of energy. Every energetic entity has both a Merkaba and a Torus.

When you inhale, breathe infinite, multidimensional Love into your heart, where it is imprinted with your unique energetic signature. When you exhale, expand that unique you-version of Love into the world.

Our True Selves manifest as energy bands surrounding the physical body. We can consciously control our bands for protection against negative energy. Use this technique any time you might have to deal with someone who brings you down or angers you.

When you’re in the Love frequency, you are incorruptible. Energies that don’t resonate with Love cannot affect you.

We don’t need spells, cauldrons or fancy hand gestures to conjure Love. Our own personal Love is within each of our hearts. We just need to realize it and show the world.

Project yourself off of Earth. Look back at this planet and surround it with your Love. Miracles will happen.

When you seek Love, you will find your Self with in your own Heart. You will find Universal Love, imprinted with your unique energy signature.

Through Love, the warrior is transformed. This is one reason we’re on Earth at this time. When you’re in emotional pain, see the big picture. Life on Earth is a temporary transformational experience. Transformation can be painful, but we become eternal beings of Love.

This Evolved Being fills its surroundings with Love. Darkness cannot exist in its presence, for the intense frequency of Love disintegrates all forms of darkness. When you feel alone, afraid, sad, defeated, and when you feel the seductive pull of darkness, do not succumb to base temptation. In moments of weakness and vulnerability, focus on your sensation of Love. Picture someone you Love and focus on how you feel when you think of them. Then embrace your Power, stand tall and confident and move forward, for nothing can effect the Love which you truly are.

We can expand our awareness through conscious thought and imagination. Practice this from a base frequency of Love and there will be no limits to what you can perceive.

Each person emanates their own personal version of Love into the world, for all to feel.

Humans have the ability to create Love. Practice this awesome power every day!

If your heart is frozen, thaw it with Love.